At Solution Engineers, we take a fresh and customized approach to hosting your website.

Typical hosting providers cram hundreds of websites on a server, and performance suffers. You may notice slow load times, or your website may not load at all.

You pay little and visitors don't spend time on your site. Performance is key to website success. Visitors to your site will quickly abandon a slow loading website for a competitor where site performance is better.

So what makes Solution Engineers Different, and why does it matter to you?

  • We aren't tied to a particular hosting vendor or set of hardware. We use only the best providers of hosting services.If we run into issues with one provider, we will move to another provider.Oh, and we won't charge you a dime for the move.
  • We don't charge to move your website. Many providers charge you to move to a different server or plan, even when it is moving within a company.That's wrong, and we don't do it.
  • We don't have an overseas support center. Enough said.We speak English.
  • We don't have contracts. We are so confident in what we can offer and therefore don't lock you in to any sort of long term contract.
  • We do not charge $5 per month. The term “you get what you pay for” is more true when it comes to website performance than many other things.A server can only handle so much load.We plan and monitor to ensure your website is fast.
  • We have great support. You can submit a ticket through your easy to use client portal, or call us, and we will resolve any issue you have.We are confident that your website will be up and running in peak performance, at all times, so you won't even have a need to call us.
  • We know what we are doing. We are server admins, and we have been managing websites on servers for a combined 15+ years.We stay up on the latest and greatest and read the nerd news all the time.
  • We use industry standard technology. Proprietary is for the silly.We set you up for long term success by leveraging industry standard technology that will not lock you in to any one provider or solution.
  • We monitor performance…all the time
  • We do backups to different providers. Having your website backed up to the same server, or even provider, is dangerous in the event of an extended outage.We take a straight forward, affordable approach to disaster recovery.These are done daily so you can rest assured we have your back.
  • We don't charge an arm and a leg. We don't charge like a typical managed service provider, and we don't charge like a typical hosting provider.